Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth is damaged beyond repair. In this case, a dental extraction is required. If an extraction is needed, Dr. Paroo will assess the risk of adverse effects of the extraction and will either perform the extraction in the office, or suggest that you have the tooth removed by an Oral Surgeon.

When removing a tooth, it is important to decide what you want to do in the future to replace the missing tooth. Most dental restorations (implants, bridges, dentures) rely on the bone left behind to either support the restoration itself, or create a site that lends itself to an esthetic, natural restoration. If nothing is done to maintain the bulk and height of the bone after an extraction, the bone will degenerate and reshape in a way that can make replacing the missing tooth difficult or impossible in the future. The best option to prevent this from happening is to place a bone graft at the time of the extraction. Dr. Paroo can elaborate on the details of bone grafting and discuss the benefits of grafting the site at the time of the extraction, rather than trying to restore the level of bone at a later date.